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ORIZOR Srl - 98123 Messina, Via Dogali, 1/a - Tel +39 090 7385027 - VAT and tax code 03630440836

Who we are  

Biotech specialists  

ORIZOR is the new brand specialized in the production and sale of high-tech laboratory instruments, diagnostic devices for Biotech. The company makes use of the collaboration of a team of first-rate professionals with over twenty years of experience in the technical-scientific field, offering the most innovative solutions to the most qualified interlocutors, both in the public and private sectors.

Our external structure, an irreplaceable link with our customers, can count on a highly qualified staff of commercial technicians, present throughout the national territory, who are responsible for visiting our partners on a daily basis to illustrate all the news of our products.

Continuous research on the international market for new scientific equipment, carefully selected after careful and scrupulous quality tests, combined with the extreme research of an increasingly innovative design, allows us to offer the best of existing equipment on the market.

Our operators are periodically involved in training courses to improve the quality and professionalism of our work.

Careful centralized planning of our warehouse stocks allows us to guarantee a high number of references that are always available and to be shipped within 24 hours of placing the order.

Our technical assistance service, present throughout the territory, made up of highly qualified and constantly updated technicians and product specialists, can easily intervene in very short times to solve any kind of problem.


Company philosophy and mission  

The great passion for our work and the commitment with which we carry it out, allows us to face the challenges of an ever-changing market, with a strong and coherent identity that is constantly strengthened through the trust of our customers, who remain at the center of our corporate philosophy.

All this is the basis of the ORIZOR world, a dynamic world, in constant evolution, which maintains the ever-increasing solidity of our commitment to guarantee our commercial partners to achieve increasingly important goals together

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In 2018 , Antonio and Giuseppe Citto, two entrepreneurs with proven experience and skills gained in the commercial sector and organized distribution, founded "ORIZOR", a dynamic and innovative company specialized in the healthcare supply sector throughout the national territory. The "ORIZOR" today makes use of the collaboration of a team of first-rate professionals with over twenty years of experience, a staff of product specialists which includes two chemists, two biologists and a biomedical engineer. The external network is instead entrusted to a marketing director who coordinates a group of commercial technicians distributed throughout the national territory. "ORIZOR" makes use of a centralized warehouse for logistics for the storage and prompt delivery of goods with the express purpose of reducing delivery times and transport costs to a minimum.

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